An (Approximate) History of Barcamp Philly

  • 300 Talks Held

  • 1,650 Attendees

  • 3,125 Beers Drank

  • Never Enough Cups of Coffee

What is Barcamp?

Barcamp is an “unconference” - a day of programming collaboratively built by the people, for the people. The schedule board is cultivated the morning of the event, and is open to all attendees for contributions.

How Does It Work?

When you arrive, you’ll see a big board with an empty grid with times along one side and rooms along another. There’ll be a stack of index cards and sharpies and people will write down topics and stick the cards to the board. Soon the whole grid will be full and voila! instant conference.

Can I Give a Talk?

Of course! We encourage you to post a topic to the board and give a talk/start a discussion, but you don’t have to. Also, if you don’t like the talk you’re in, to use the “rule of two feet” to get up and go to a different talk.

What Kind of Talks?

Topics vary from the technical (“Wordpress Child Themes”) to the inspiring (“Running: Not Just for the Zombie Apocalypse”). From practiced talks (“Designing for People”) to open discussions (“Nerds w/ Kids Roundtable”). Check out last year’s sessions.


Barcamp Philly will be held in Huntsman Hall at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. There will also be a pre-party at Zivtech the night before, and an after party at Drinker’s West day of.

Pre-Party, Barcamp Philly Event, After-Party Map


For anyone riding a train or regional rail to 30th Street Station, transfer to the Market-Frankford (BLUE) line West to 40th street, then walk 2 blocks south to Walnut, and 2 blocks east to Huntsman Hall. You can also take any trolley (GREEN) line (except the #10) and get off at 36th Street. Walk 1 block south to Walnut and 1.5 blocks west to Huntsman.


There is a public parking deck directly across the street at 38th & Walnut.


Breakfast is provided and yes, There Will Be Bacon. Lunch is on your own and University City has a plethora of restaurant options within walking distance of the event. Use the map below to find place to nom and chat with fellow Barcampers.


Most things about Barcamp are spontaneous, but there are a few things than run on a timeline. To wit...

  1. Pre-Party at Zivtech

    6:00pm - 9:00pm

    Get to know people before the event at our annual Barcamp Philly Pre-Party hosted by Zivtech. Register for the pre-party.

  1. Registration and Session Building

    8:00am - 9:45am

    Register, grab some coffee, and start posting sessions to the big board. Get to Huntsman Hall early, the slots fill in quick!

  2. Opening Remarks

    9:45am - 10:00am

    Get the lowdown on what to expect before we send you off to your first sessions.

  3. Morning Sessions (3 Time Slots)

    10:15am - 1:00pm
    1. 10:15am - 11:00am
    2. 11:15am - 12:00pm
    3. 12:15pm - 1:00pm

    Time to jump in! Sessions are 45 minutes each with 15 minutes in between to absorb what you’ve just heard, grab a nosh, and talk to others before your next session.

  4. Lunch

    1:00pm - 2:15pm

    Get to know people while you get to know the lovely food options in University City.

  5. Afternoon Sessions (3 Time Slots)

    2:15pm - 5:00pm
    1. 2:15pm - 3:00pm
    2. 3:15pm - 4:00pm
    3. 4:15pm - 5:00pm

    Don’t let that food coma take over! There’s 3 more time slots with awesome sessions waiting in the afternoon.

  6. Closing Remarks

    5:15pm - 5:30pm

    Join us for a recap and important details on the after party.

  7. After Party at Drinker’s West

    6:00pm - 8:00pm

    Celebrate another great year with friends old and new at the Barcamp Philly After Party at Drinker’s West.


We’d like to thank our sponsors without whom we’d be unable to pull off such an amazing event.

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